Guardian ASV (Armored Security Vehicle)

The US Army Military Police (MP) Corps began fielding the M1117 "Guardian" Armored Security Vehicle (ASV) in 2000 to provide Military Police with greater protection and firepower. The ASV is the equivalent of a Light Armored Vehicle (LAV) and is well suited for wartime operations and is a formidable deterrent in peacetime operations.

The M1117 is the latest successor to a line of ASV utilized by the Military Police such as the V-100, V-150 and the M1114.

Part Number: 135177 (Cadillac Gage Textron)

NSN: 2320-01-437-6957

Name: M1117 Guardian ASV (Armored Security Vehicle)

Technical Services

M1117 Maintenance, RESET and Technical Assistance Programs

NSN Center provides technical services for the Textron Marine & Land Systems M1117 Guardian Armored Security Vehicle to End Users and their Contractors worldwide. Contact us for more information.

Service Kits

Carefully designed Service Kits which can applied at regular intervals to maximize the readiness of the vehicle. Each Service Kit is complete with Pictorial Service Instructions and can be customized to the local language of the maintenance staff.


Maintenance Programs and Training tailored to the End User.

Depot Level Maintenance

Depot Level Maintenance programs can be developed to RESET vehicles to their optimum state for operation and lngetivity in service.


Platform Upgrade packages can be developed to meet an End User's needs.